What divorce and separation tell us about

This statistic describes the results of a survey among rural and urban households about the average age of in 2013-14 broken down by gender. is an institution that most s have tremendous faith in Though love s have become exceedingly popular families in 

Feb 7 2018 Number of arranged s worldwide and in India including divorce rate of arranged s. A new study on divorce and separation in India throws up fascinating So wrote Ms Mehta the "problems of love and hate of and 

Arranged s are traditional in South Asian society and continue to account for an overwhelming majority of s in the subcontinent Despite  Changing hues of Traditions: Here you can compare Love Vs Arranged and Live-in Relationship in   India has the highest number of child brides in the world It is estimated that 27% of girls in India are married before their 18th birthday The rates of child  In this post I want to explore two rather interesting and reliable statistics related to Indian arranged marriages The first is that Indians have an astonishingly low  Released data from Sample Registration System (SRS) lists the average age at which women across the country's major states marry It is the